Welcome dear Guest!

My name is Andy.

I have been working with Indian massage techniques since 2017, which I learned in India and Norway and actively practicing in a meditative environment, accompanied by live sound therapy and aromatherapy. My sessions are highly meditative and energizing at the same time. As a result of the treatment some people travel in their own past or previous lives, some people find the answer to their current life situation. From 2020, in addition to massages, I was also initiated into Reiki Healing, Prana Nadi, and Metamorphic Touch Therapy, and I also use these techniques during the treatments. In the spirit of self-awareness and trauma resolution, I also deal with OH - cards and subconscious programming, I can offer these on the basis of a personal meeting. Based on what my guests say, certain self-healing processes are initiated as a result of the treatments, and the individual finds his / her way back to himself / herself. It also happened that my visitor`s lives took a 180-degree turn in a positive direction thanks to the treatments. It all depends on who is open and receptive to the energy I am ``channeling`` during the treatments. I would also touch on Tantra a little here. Unfortunately, some people came to me with certain expectations. Western society tends to confuse this activity with certain sexual services, which are NOT AVAILABLE within the framework of Tantra Budapest. There are many misunderstandings about Tantra as in many countries this activity is disguised as sexual services. TANTRA BUDAPEST DOES NOT PARTICIPATE in any sexual services.
I would kindly ask all visitors to read the rules of etiquette on the website and only request an appointment if they are aware of the information they read there. IMPORTANT! The techniques I use do not replace medical or psychotherapy treatment! I am not a doctor, psychologist or psychotherapist. I do not diagnose, I do not treat diseases, I do not prescribe medicines.
Thank you very much for your understanding and I am looking forward to welcoming all my future guests who want to rest and relax in Budapest, or around the World during my tours.

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