Tantra is a philosophy of life wisdom and enthusiasm. Its keywords are closeness, naturalness, awareness, initiation of self-healing processes. All activities of Tantra Budapest serve exclusively therapeutic and self-healing purposes.


If you plan to visit me, I kindly request that you approach the experience with an open and receptive mindset. Prior to the treatment, I ask that you carefully review and agree to the ethical guidelines outlined below.

Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

  1. I handle all information discreetly from the beginning of the treatments.
  2. With the exception of Tantra massage, I remain clothed during every massage session.
  3. All touch is UNIDIRECTIONAL. If this cannot be respected during the treatment, I will have to ask for immediate departure.
  4. I always aim to recognize the boundaries of the client. Before starting, I ask for permission on physical contact, and I immediately cease if the client requests it.
  5. I never engage in sexual and/or romantic relationships with a client during or after the treatment. If romantic feelings (falling in love) arise from the client towards me, the treatment process will be immediately terminated
  6. I do not offer Tantra massage to individuals under the age of 18!
  7. During my massages, I exclusively use my hands on a massage table. I do not invite anyone onto my bed or provide massage on a tatami.
  8. I never administer treatment to individuals under the influence of alcohol and/or mind-altering substances. The use of alcohol and mind-altering substances is contraindicated during the series of treatments and between two sessions. If you are unable to abstain, please inform me!
  9. If you have complaints related to regular alcohol or mind-altering substance use, tranquilizers, or sleeping pills, please seek the help of a therapist.
  10. If you are undergoing medication, please inform me during the scheduling of the appointment!
  11. I only accept visits from healthy individuals. In the case of severe overweight, the Indian massage technique I am familiar with is not recommended.
  12. IMPORTANT! The techniques I apply do not replace medical or psychotherapeutic treatment! I am not a doctor, psychologist, or psychotherapist. I do not diagnose, treat illnesses, or prescribe medications.
  13. You might have visited a Tantra masseur before, but I would kindly ask you to leave behind all past memories and expectations related to Tantra. I am not willing to meet anyone’s expectations!
  14. Please behave discreetly upon arrival and departure!

Massage therapies

Tantra Budapest's services are available to both prospective and existing guests. For further information and appointment scheduling, please click on the ``Contact`` menu.
  • NOK 2,000
    60 min
  • Tantra massage
  • Accompanied by sound bowl therapy and Reiki healing

    In essence, Tantric massage encompasses the practice of massaging and stimulating a person’s entire body, including the genital area, in conjunction with breathwork, meditation, and various spiritual or energy-related techniques. In case of a longer stay I am offering my stress relief / emotional blockage releasing touch techniques and some snacks. While achieving orgasm is a possibility during a tantric massage, the primary focus lies in embracing pleasure, releasing energetic impediments and tension, and establishing a profound spiritual connection with another individual.

    Massage should be avoided in cases of acute inflammatory conditions, infectious diseases, febrile conditions, first-trimester pregnancy, cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, severe asthma, epilepsy, skin infections, thrombosis, the first two days of menstruation, and for individuals dealing with alcohol or drug addiction.
    NOK 2000 / 60 min

    NOK 2500 / 90 min

    NOK 3500 / 120 min

    NOK 4000 / 150 min

    NOK 5000 / 180 min

    Dinner/ Lunch date at mine or yours NOK 5000

    Daytime experience 10:00-22:00 NOK 8000

    More information can be found on the Blog.
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