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Healing and Growth in Norway – My Journey

Hello, Beloved Friends!

I’m thrilled to connect with you today from the picturesque town of Haugesund. I want to start by expressing my sincere thanks for the warm reception I’ve received from old friends, past guests, and those who have placed their trust in me as they navigate their path to self-discovery. We’ve all undergone incredibly transformative experiences, and I, too, have been profoundly impacted during our sessions. Maintaining a connection with each of you post-meeting is vital to me, and I’m eager to know how you’re progressing on your personal journeys.

Regrettably, I had to temporarily suspend our healing sessions due to health reasons. However, I’m pleased to report that I’m on the road to recovery. To those individuals I couldn’t meet as planned due to my health setback, please remain patient, as what has been delayed will soon come to fruition. I’ll be back in action shortly, but first, there are a few essential matters in my life that require attention.

In the upcoming days, I’ll be tying up loose ends, including a move to a new location. Additionally, this month marks the beginning of an exciting educational journey I’ll be embarking on with a group of remarkable women. This educational endeavor will equip me with ancient wisdom on embracing one’s true nature as a woman, aiding in the process of grief resolution, navigating relationship crises, and providing support to traumatized women in the future. I’m committed to creating a space in my life for these valuable endeavors.

Following the completion of my educational journey, I’ll be returning to Haugesund. Beyond that, I’m eager to extend my reach to anyone situated between Bergen and Stavanger. While I’ve previously offered in-home sessions, please understand that, for the time being, this option won’t be available.

If you have recommendations for suitable accommodations or spaces in the Bergen and Stavanger areas, whether for treatment purposes or a brief rejuvenating escape, I would be immensely grateful for your suggestions. Rest assured, I’ll be back soon to share my upcoming travel plans.

With Love,


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